Marmorino PV decorative plaster is resistant to abrasion, effectively looking plaster based on hydrated lime with the grain size of to 0.8 mm. With the ability to color to one of many colors (template Tintoretto), it can be used to almost any design. One of the most important features of Marmorino PV is a high resistance to weather conditions, to abrasion, so that the plaster can also be used in a custom way. Plaster layer itself, although an interesting effect due to a suitable grain size, is monotonous, if plaster is imposed on a large surface area, what can be avoided by using transparent paints to create decorative effects. It will give an individual character to the decorations and possibility of staining it to gold or silver raises the prestige of the solution even more.
Marmorino PV decorative plaster is a perfect solution for every investor. It is both a functional and eye-catching way of finishing, so that the cost incurred for the implementation of the arrangement will return in two ways. Marmorino PV is very resistant plaster to abrasion, so it can not only imposed on the walls, but also can be used as a way to finish exclusive floors. Semi-matt finish effect obtained with the use of proper paint is the perfect complement to any space which is to be elegant and timelessly beauty.
Marmorino decorative plaster will be appreciated both by private investors, as well as administrators of luxury salons shop or some restaurants or hotels. Many ways of application is a result of its versatility and the method of applying which allows you to easily arrange any space.


  • Marmorino PV plaster is resistant to abrasion. If it is additionally protected by varnish with an increased durability, it can be successfully used not only for interior walls design, but also the stairs and floors. This are elements that used to be finished with ceramic tiles, panels or natural stone till now.
  • Resistance to temperature changes. Properly applied Marmorino plaster is resistant to low and high temperatures and and moreover tolerates high temperature changes in a fairly large extent. It means that it is not an error or imprudence to use Marmorino plaster at the entrance to the hall or a shop where such temperature changes are not unusual.
  • Possibility to perform additional decorative painting glazes. It is what might become the hallmark of the object. With a wide range of colors, which applies to both the plaster as well as decorative painting glazes, walls, and ceilings, and floors can be prepared to constitute a business card of the site. It all can be achieved only with products from the system Marmorino PV plaster.


Marmorino PV decorative plaster can be applied only by an experienced team of technicians. It is a multi-phase operation, because the substrate must be properly prepared. Omission of painting glazes will reduce the preparation time, but total drying time of the layer will still be about 10 days. Ideally evenly applied plaster can be a decoration of any room, but sloppy, unprofessional imposition of any layer will make the counterproductive effect. Ready floor or wall is consisted of five layers, each of which requires a slightly different instrument and different finishing before applying the next one. Only all layers together ensure the achievement of unusually beautiful effect.

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