The effect of the merged structural plaster Calce Marmorino and iridescent Cromo paint is a simple, elegant but eye-catching ornamental detail. Calce Marmorino is an impressive lime plaster, which leaves a small, but clear structure with a pleasant texture. Cromo is a paint with the addition of pearlescent scales that give it a unique sheen. Illuminated structural plasters are definitely one of the most effective finishes, and their additional advantage is a big resistance to adverse external factors.

Cromo paint has many features that make it a perfect finishing material. Besides the obvious functional advantages it is it worth paying attention to the possibility of its application by roller, brush, and euromal, as well as a trowel and an atomizer. Each of these methods of application allows to achieve a bit different effects, and significant differences are also visible in the performance of the paint, which in the case of applying with trowel lasts for almost two times larger area than when applied by brush.

Calce Marmorino plaster painted with Cromo paint is the perfect finish for the interiors of private houses and apartments, but it also works well on the walls of hotels, restaurants or public facilities. The layer of plaster and paint has a dual purpose: decorative and protective. With the proper application of all layers the wall is protected from harmful external factors and the room looks great in all conditions, while the style of finish can be largely manipulated by the simple choice of the color of Cromo paint.


  • Salons, which, due to the delicate texture of the plaster will become warmer and more inviting, and through the use of Cromo paint with brocade pearl scales will be brighter, more spacious and friendly.
  • Bedrooms, where the right choice of color will allow to give a slight sketch appropriate for such an intimate space, and a nice touch texture of the structural plaster will make them even more secluded and climate.
  • Anterooms gain much with its brightening by pearl paints. From usually tight and not very friendly rooms they turn into clear and functional space. Decorative plaster with increased resistance to dirt and mechanical damage also increases their usability.
  • Pillars due to the effect of Calce Marmorino & Cromo get “soften” and become an interesting complement of the decoration. In modern interiors they cease to stand up with its severity, and in classic ones can finally become an interesting accent, because illuminating Cromo paint will certainly attract attention.
  • Kitchens will benefit a lot from the use of additional pearl luster. Will become even warmer, and textured plaster will not prevent the moisture infiltration, so the plaster coating plus decorative paint will also be a functional solution.


  • Structural plaster Calce Marmorino, which is responsible for the texture effect and is the first of its layers is well adherent. Regardless of the type of substrate, after the application of quartz primer it becomes almost one with the wall.
  • Flexible coating of plaster and paint provides considerable resistance to impact and increases the durability of finish, which is especially useful in very busy places.
  • High resistance to washing allows for quick and easy washing of the dirt, and there should not accumulate to much of it on the surface of the plaster and paint. Although such a finish shows the average resistance to detergents, it will not be harmed due to their occasional use.


  • The first step is to prepare the substrate. At first you must apply the layer of a standard priemer, and then a layer of Bucciato quartz backing, therefore even more increasing the adhesion of Calce Marmorino plaster and the durability of the entire decoration.
  • When the substrate is prepared and completely dry, you can begin to apply the plaster. Obtaining of a cross travertine pattern is possible by a proper technique of distribution of the plaster and additional decorative elements applied with a sharp tool. Drying surface is to be additional ly smoothed with an trowel and left to dry thoroughly to consolidate the structure.
  • Before applying the Cromo paint, the plaster must be primed. This is done with use of a standard primer or a transparent paint (both formulations should be diluted with water according to the manufacturers instructions). This will increase the adhesion of paint to plaster and will make painting easier.
  • Cromo paint is applied with any technique, making sure you have to select the correct dilution. For optimal effect it is recommended to apply with the paint brush on euromal and with euromal on the wall – this technique is the best for highlighting the structure of the plaster and adding it an exclusive, pearly glow.

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