One possible form of applying structural plaster Calce Marmorino is the effect of trowel-on travertine. It’s a simple, smooth, very fun to play surface that is very softly shimmering or – if treated in the system – a little tighter shimmering (semi-gloss). The effect is achieved on the surface of Calce Marmorino – one of the noblest plasters based on slaked lime. The visual effect will depend on the exact applying technique – there are some discrepancies in the various adaptations despite following the same instructions, but as a rule, travertine effect of a trowel is to make a contrast streaks on plastered surfaces and distinctive gradations between colors.

Applying of travertine trowel-on does not seem to be difficult, but especially when it is to be made on a larger area, it is difficult to get the perfect effect when working alone, especially if the contractor lacks experience in similar projects. Calce Marmorino plaster requires the ability to handle with it properly, because it is a subject to diverse shaping and you must always be aware of the effects of selection for example the wrong method of applying it.
Effect of a travertine trowel-on gives the interior an expression of a classic elegance. It is one of the fundamental and classic effects, and the possibility of subsequent color impregnation makes it as often used in modern rooms as in conventional ones. Its versatility also affects the fact that this pattern can be found in virtually all types of interiors, both in houses and apartments, as well as in office buildings, hotels and restaurants.


The effect of the trowel-on travertine looks great as a finishing of fireplaces. Classic elegance of fireplace harmonizes with the design inspired by an antique travertine plaster. Warm and fun to play finish texture is in this case the additional asset.

Hallways finished with travertine are perfectly resistant to dirt, and in addition, with proper selection of impregnation colors, you can visually enlarge them and slightly raise their subjective temperature. This type of finish is highly valued in hotel lobbys and restaurants, that, as well as the corridors or hallways, are often busy.

Kitchens finished in travertine take on ancient beauty, almost becoming a place where you should burn home fireplace. Besides, it is worth noting that the travertine trowel-on is an effect that also provides full water vapor permeability through the wall.

Rustication, or fragments of the facade stylized to stone are created with variety of techniques, but if the investor wishes to get the effect of polished travertine, it is hard for a better choice than Calce Marmorino travertine trowel-on.


Calce Marmorino plasters are completely natural products, and therefore environmentally friendly. They also have many advantages in terms of functionality.

  • High adhesion facilitates the applying.
  • Water vapor permeability allows for walls ventilation and hinders the formation of mold outbreaks.
  • High pH prevents outbreaks of mold and other microorganisms colonies.
  • Full resistance to washing and scrubbing means that the cleaning of the facade and the interior is very simple and does not take much time.


The first step is to prepare to apply Calce Marmorino, and this means the need of very careful priming the surface and covering it with quartz-based Bucciato primer plaster. Those two layers are reinforcing substrate, and even more increasing the adhesion of the relevant layers of Calce Marmorino plaster.
Structural layer Calce Marmorino plaster can be applied only to a completely dry substrate. The first step is to apply a thin layer of plaster on the wall with an INOX trowel and its uniform distribution. Then the surface should be wiped with the trowel applied to it, in the same direction in which the paste was applied. Finally, the paste is to be smoothed after next fifteen minutes.


The surface of the plaster is now to be primed. It is done with use of the diluted Lumicca Incolore paint in suitable dilution and by applying the primer parallel to the pattern created on the wall. The last step of the surface preparationis its impregnation with a transparent or colored Lumicca Incolore paint in high dilution. For impregnation, use a brush or an euromal.

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