Halley effect can be formed with use of a wide variety of paints. One of the proposals are Corado paints (or Luna), which give the finish a mysterious shine and beautiful, pearly glow. Compared with the same result obtained with Lumicca paints, Halley Corado is much more subdued, but still beautiful. This is, in principle, a the monochromatic result (apart, of course, the additional reflections resulting from the addition of beads to the base paint). Also, it is applied to a substrate without very high structural detail (prepared with a suitable paint).

Halley Corado on the backing of Murillo is the sober, sophisticated and somewhat neutral result: it is possible for such a choice of colors to differ from the basic finish color only a few shades. For this reason, the effect of Halley Corado is often held up as a business model, so quite cool and sophisticated elegance, also it tends to appear more often in hotels or restaurants, in applications where it is not supposed to be dominant, but rather to emphasisthe character of an object or as a supplement for the basic style finish.

Application of Halley Corado is relatively simple and the resulting coating is very durable and resistant to damage. But so it was, all the layers must be arranged in proper order, and above all in compliance with the paints and primers manufacturer’s instructions. Only professional applying of all four layers allows you to enjoy the beauty of the Halley effect on the paint Corado.


Neutral, but subtly ornate character of Halley effect on Corado paints allows you to find him hundreds of possible applications, but most of them are quite classical.

  • Living rooms, cabinets, prestigious offices, as well as bank branches or luxury boutiques: that’s where it often comes to get an interesting visual effect, but without mixing colors and aesthetic. Major advantages of Halley Corado is a delicate glow, clearly defined, single and clear color and delicate structure, attracting attention at close distance.
  • Hallways and buildings that require highlights and aesthetic reasons for its presence. In many cases it is these finishes that are the most difficult to create, as part of the installations does not fit nicely into the rest of the building – Halley Corado provides aesthetic justification of each installation, or even more – may make it the most beautiful of the whole room.
  • Pillars and architectural details, for which Halley Corado is almost a natural effect, especially when used in neutral shades. Fine-textured and with well developed colors is eye-catching, but usually does not dominate in the arrangement.


Corado paint is characterized by relatively low price and high efficiency, which makes the effect of Halley Corado finish very economical, but certainly it is not its only advantage.

  • Easy application, so you can take the challenge of creating the Halley effect on Corado paints by yourself even with little experience. This is not trivial, but compared with the same effect based on other paints it is definitely easier.
  • Corado paints are vapor permeable, so they can also be used in places where is a problem with high humidity. They will provide protection against adverse microclimate in the room.
  • Good resistance to dirt and wash resistance is a pragmatic argument. Thanks to these features you do not have to assume in advance that you will soon need to replace the finish, because the old one gets dirty – not with Corado paints.


  • The surface must be pre-primed. By default, just use MFA Classic primer, but in the case of the old and the weak walls it is recommended to strengthen them by the use of MFA Plus primer. Both primers perfectly reduce absorption of the substrate and make it easier to apply next layers.
  • The first layer is a quartz substrate. It will also increase the adhesion for rather heavy structural paints and it will smooth any surface imperfections.
  • Construction of the structure is simple. As a Halley effect result, it is done by applying an undiluted structural paint, for example Murillo, using a painting brush. Finish is applied with the use of special effects roller until the desired pattern covers the entire wall.
  • Applying a layer of Corado decorative paint starts from the corner of the wall, and each successive strip is extended on the surface with the use of windscreen wiper. You need to be sure that the resulting layer is as thin as possible, and especially uniform on the entire surface.

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