Decorative Paint Luna was based on water emulsion and acrylic resins combined with pearly scales. In this way we get the effect of perfectly smooth wall, which plays with the smallest rays of light. Gold or pearl glow completes the whole, making Luna paints look spectacular in virtually any arrangement. Giving the possibility of free shaping the space by beautiful, though largely random reflections, decorative paint Luna becomes a great way to finish the interior of the individual, completely unique character.
Decorative Paint Luna can be dyed in many colors, getting a completely new, unique look in every tint. You can’t create two similar compositions with it. That is due to pearl shells that are always arranged in a slightly different way, and the ability to choose the way of application.

Due to its versatility, and a multitude of colors, Luna paint is one of the most often selected decorative paints for arrangements both in the home space, as well as an offices and other public buildings. Properly applied paint is very resistant to dirt, and can be washed, which makes it can also be used with confidence in areas exposed to dirt. However, this is only one of many of its advantages. With Luna decorative paint decorating of the interior will be a great play with space, light and impressions.


Luna decorative paint has gained its popularity not without a reason.

  • With a good grip it is enough to prime the substrate almost of any kind, to ensure a stable, spectacular, and damage resistant coating.
  • A clear brightening effect that makes the rooms painted with Luna decorative paint are visually larger and a more comfortable and brighter in all conditions. At the same time illuminating effect doesn’t have dominant character, merely completes the whole arrangement.
  • Soft and warm to the touch enhances the pleasure of being in a painted room. With Luna paint room is warmer, more comfortable and definitely improves mood.
  • Colour durability, resistance to washing, UV radiation and mechanical damage are important advantages that determine the suitability of decorative paint Luna also to those busy places exposed to dirt and requiring special care.


Luna decorative paint is an extremely versatile product. Because the effect that it gives is clear, yet gentle, it can be used in virtually any room, without limitation of the surface or color.

  • Hallways and stairwells, that usually no one cares about, thanks to Luna decorative paint can become really beautiful places, finished with taste, that finally will not be only “entrances”, but a part of the house or building.
  • Kitchens, that accumulates difficult to remove dirt, are wet and warm: Luna decorative paint is also ideally suited to these conditions, adding sophistication to any kitchen and making it become perhaps the most beautiful room.
  • Living rooms, offices and salons, where appearance is what matters. Luna paint allows to achieve truly wonderful aesthetic effect, and at the same time remains sufficiently neutral not to destroy the cozy atmosphere.
  • Installation of the plasterboard, suspended ceilings and architectural details that also deserve attention and good looks. Luna paint has a very good grip, so you can use it not only to paint large areas, but even intricate stuccos.


Luna decorative paint is applied on the colored primer (Murimal 200 paint). The standard paint brush can be used and with it it is distributed in different directions. Another possibility is to use a trowel steel, which allows for a smoother surface with a slightly different structure. Also in this case, the paint must be distributed in different directions, so that the pearl scales are differently reflecting light (depending on how the movement of the tool will be arranged). In both cases, the paint should be diluted with water (10-20%) in order to make it easier to apply the pattern and make it more visible and more spectacular. Paints drying time is approximately 12 hours, you have o wait a little longer until it reaches the maximum resistance to washing.
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