Micanto is a technologically advanced decoration paint, which is based on siloxane polymers. They allow you to create perfect-looking, yet durable and very efficient paints. Glitter particles and the base itself are responsible for the extraordinary effect of metallic luster – polymers refract and reflect light in such a way that the surface viewed from different angles looks completely different. Lit walls and architectural details are very elegant, but it is not a typical, classic elegance based solely on light reflections. In the case of Micanto more complex play of light takes place, the one that can be hard to understand by physicists, but what matters for the investors is the uniqueness of the resulting effect.
One of the main advantages of Micanto decorative paints is the freedom that they leave in planning of the finish. Decorative effects will vary depending on the tool used to apply the paint, and the choice is not small. Micanto is a paint that can be applied by brush, roller, euromal, trowel or brush. Uncomplicated procedure of application is certainly important, but functional advantages are equally significant .

It is a paint with good adhesion, so it can be used on any surface, including structural one, glow is visible even in dark colors and the opacity is so good that, to achieve the full effect, single layer of diluted even up to 100% Micanto paint is enough(capacity reaches up to 20 meters per liter).


Because when it dries Micanto paint resembles silk fabric shimmering in the sun, it can really look great, so the list of its possible applications is very long.

  • Salons and offices, that must always be well-designed and present the best taste, look great finished with Micanto paint. Moreover, this paint can fit to the classical, and modern interiors, so you can talk about real universality.
  • Fireplaces, which will be finished with Micanto paint are either mysterious, or perfectly happy. Reflections offered by Micanto paint revive the housing fireplaces, which are often the major styling problem.
  • Kitchens, to which Micanto adds shine and unusual character. This paint can turn any, even inconspicuous kitchen into a better looking place than the studios of television culinary programs.
  • Pillars and decorative elements and installations that, even with a small area, gain a lot, if will be finished with a paint that gives one of the most original decorative effects.


Modern technology, which led to the creation of this unique paint, is a very strong asset, because the Micanto paint is not only a stylistic perfection, but also a very practical solution in the arrangements.

  • Good adhesion allows to apply Micanto paints both on smooth surfaces and structural ones and without other preparation than basic primer.
  • Perfect coverage with a single layer is an asset that is not present in a lot of other good decorative paints. In this case, what is important is only the precise application of paint, and there is nothing more you need to worry.

How to get optimal results?

  • The substrate, regardless of its type, must be thoroughly primed first and allowed to absorb and dry. In the case of old or weak gypsum plasters, when priming the walls you should choose a stronger ground, which at the same time strengthens and stiffens the substrate, increasing its adhesion for Micanto paint.
  • Color backing are really two coats of Murimal 200 paint. Their tint should be as close as possible to the desired tint of Micanto paint, and the surface of the painting must be equal and with no visible blemishes.
  • Decorative layer is applied with a trowel by stretching locally applied Micanto paint. Pattern created in this way is a kind of symmetry and should be kept until the completion of the entire surface. Right after application, not all decorative effects are visible and it is not a reason to panic and amendments – a single layer of Micanto paint is enough, but the effects will become apparent after a few hours, when the decorative layer has dried.

Reflections arise due to the gathering of a certain amount of glittering additives in one place, while the entire surface painted with Micanto will have a delicate, silky sheen that owes to siloxane copolymer that are cracking and reflecting rays of light in different ways.

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