Muricon are decorative pastes of an extremely powerful arrangement. One of the interesting effects that can be obtained with it, is the so-called pasta. This name really means two different patterns: thinner, horizontal cylinders protruding paste, that looks like pasta, or thicker, but guided vertically (direction due to the weight of the paste). This effect most often requires further underscore using decorative paints, that will highlight the three-dimensional structure and add a specific glow to the effect.

Since the Muricon paste is one of the most durable and flexible decorative pastes on the market, the effects derived from it are very durable and resistant to damage, which also applies to quite a deep pasta effect. Therefore it is not a problem to use such structures in restaurants or hotels, although typically administrators of similar properties focus on simplicity and functionality, not just good looks. Pasta on Muricon paste may be the perfect compromise here.

Proper execution of the effect requires the use of a special tool – a weed covered plastic trowel. Creating the effect on a large area requires patience, accuracy, and precision. The ideal model is hard to apply, without having enough experience, but an additional difficulty will always be the need of the application of the paint. In this case, its amount is crucial for the quality of the resulting effect, so it is wise to outsource the finishing for professionals.


The effect of pasta is one of the most distinctive and characteristiceffects, but it can be overwhelming, if applied to a large surface and the highlighting paint color is not chosen well. However, there are three types of places where pasta always looks good.

  • Kitchen, and it’s not because of the relationship to one of the main dishes of Italian cuisine, but rather because it is visually simple result, without explicit symmetry, perfectly diversifing usually small kitchen space. What is also significant is that Muricon paste is very resistant to dirt.
  • Anteroom, because thanks to an appropriate selection of the thickness and the direction of the strands of pasta and the correct color it can be positively optically enlarged, as well as visually warmed.
  • Stairways, which thanks to this simple, but durable finish will be clean and effective for very long time.


Muricon is a paste of a very high resistance, therefore it constitutes a finish with a very high functionality.

  • Muricon paste is resistant to impact, so positioning it in the hallway or stairwell walls allows to enjoy the spectacular appearance of the whole room for a long time.
  • Muricon paste evens the surface very well. Moreover, that’s why it also works in the stairwells, usually finished slightly worse than the rest of the room. Pasta effect is concealing all the imperfections.
  • Resistance to washing detergents makes that even under extremely adverse conditions, the finish can be relatively easily brought back to a beautiful state. If not, it will remain just to refresh it with any paint, which also is not a problem.


  • As with all of the kinds of work, also this time the first step is correct substrate priming. The choice between classic and reinforcement primer should be based on a thorough analysis of the state of the substrate.
  • The second step is applying the Primer E quartz primer. It will improve traction and further reduce the absorption of the substrate, so that the applying of decorative paste will be easier.
  • The next step is to apply a structural layer and to shape it with a trowel with plastic weed. Best results are obtained with the use of decorative paste, but alternatively it can be replaced with Ecoqua Plus paints or Murillo paints. At this stage, it is important to equally guide the tool and carefully finish the layer, so you can precisely control the quality of the resulting adornment.
  • Than you put decoration paint on the dried structure. It is recommended to use the products of the Corado, Luna, Revello, Sahara or Metalizzato families. Each of these paints will transmit a different glow and in a slightly different way affect the final appearance of the embodiment, but also you should always remember that the structured surface can be renewed at any time by using any other paint. And also enriched with the wiping effect.

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