Guantato effect is not difficult to create and it looks very good. It requires the use of several shades of Lumicca Pearl paint from a similar area of ​​the palette. The result will be the interwoven colors in stripes running in a different way, a bit chaotic. This kind of result fits well to modern interiors, but in a more subdued version of tones you can find a perfect place for it also in classical arrangements. It equally well suits for large areas with decorations and finishes of cabinetry or architectural details. Thanks to the glow of Lumicca Pearl paint and its gentle gloss this effect is illuminating, but not too aggressive.

Functionality of Lumicca paint is the reason why it is this family of products that has been chosen to create this creative effect. What is important for its proper application one needs to have a few (preferably not less than three) shades of the same color palette, and Lumicca paint makes it possible.

Guantato effect allows you to mask some minor imperfections of paint layers hidden deeper, so its applying is relatively simple. Since this effect is applied easily with a glove, you do not need special skills to perform it well. However, creating of an eye-catching and well-asymmetric pattern on large surfaces can be a hassle for some investors – because there is no way that once applied patter can be in any way corrected, so in this situation it is best to use the services of professionals.


  • The children’s rooms the biggest advantage of this effect proves to be its irregularity and variegation. Pearl Lumicca paint also have the effect of lightening, so it brings more life and joyful energy to the children’s room.
  • In the kitchens it will be important that the Lumicca Pearl paints are easy to keep clean, and the effect itself is concealing the smallest dirt, because of its chaotic lines that perfectly hide the minor imperfections.
  • Anterooms with Lumicca Pearl paint finish with Guantato effect will become brighter and more inviting. This is important because most often there is a very unwelcoming twilight.
  • Guantato effect, especially with the use of clear colors, can be a great solution for hotels, bars and restaurants. Its drawing masks the imperfections, the whole is quite economical to manufacture and very easy to clean and looks very impressive.


Not without reason Guantato effect is performed on Lumicca Pearl paints. They provide a unique glow, but are especially great for this project because of their technological properties.

  • These are the flexible paint, so an accidental hit should rather not damage them,
  • Lumicca Pearl paints are resistant to moisture and temperature changes.
  • this paints are well tolerating contact with detergents.
  • are very resistant to washing.
  • smooth and slippery surface does not attract dirt.


  • The first step must always be to prime the substrate. In case of the old or weak walls reinforcing primer should be used instead of the standard one.
  • When the surface driesyou can apply the first coat of backing paint. In this case it should be diluted according to the instructions of the Ecoqa, Murimal or Ekorsil family paints. The backing layer should be thin and flat, so that way it quickly dries out and does not burst at the time or later.
  • The second layer of primer is applied in the same way, paying special attention to connection points of further applied strips of paint not to give them time to dry before reaching the next strip. This way the surface will be smooth and free of discoloration resulting from the applying of the layers of paint. Since the Guantato effect based on a fairly aggressive grinding, the second backing layer must dry really well to have its structure established. It takes 12-18 hours.
  • Decorative layer is applied in spots: the main shade should be applied to more or less a square meter, and then you need to put on it more paint shades. With the use of the glove you should rub or brush fresh paint to result with mixing and penetrating of colors. It is allowed to perform only pulls in one direction (you should detach your hand before the next stroke). The decorative layer is fixed after about 12 hours depending on temperature and humidity.

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