The effect of rust can be achieved in different ways, depending on the surface. The basic element of the system used to achieve this effect is Oxidekor, but to make “paint” work, you need an oxidizer and a protective lacquer. The effect of rust, used to make surface of objects look older, is the result of redox processes, that, if the substrate is not properly secured, can damage the painted surface.
Due to the specific nature of this effect, the list of potential applications is very long, but it also includes unusual items because the effect of rust can also be obtained on the busts (including those plaster ones), vehicles, not just on absorbent substrates. The fixation of this effect requires the use of a suitable paint, but when it comes to the color of the resulting layer, it largely depends on the amount of oxidant, and therefore prediction of the precise effect is not possible, and if a person that is applying the preparation lacks experience, you can’t also expect satisfactory results at the first time. Rust effect is technically difficult to obtain, and a lot will also depend on the method of application and the conditions under which the painting is done.

Using Oxidekor substance can give literally rust effect on any material: concrete, plaster, wood, plastic, metal and others. Therefore, the number of possible applications will never be closed, while the ways of “transform” new items into the old and rusty ones are clearly defined.


  • In the classical interiors, to add them credibility and the appearance of an older, less well-kept rooms, and in new interiors to add them a bit of exotic look and to emphasize the individual character of the arrangement.
  • In public buildings, especially in restaurants and hotels, which thus can build their own identity and create a climate associated with a particular object. This effect is unlikely to be applied by network hotels, but rather by small, isolated objects for which the interior is a showcase and a unique feature.
  • In the winter and traditional gardens in order to enrich the arrangement of space.
  • To decorate the individual items: starting from knick-knacks, by all kinds of used boxes, up to the working motor vehicles, including some of its moving parts.


Rust effect can be achieved by formulation of Oxidekor on virtually any surface, but the procedure will be different in the case of metal surfaces (which themselves will corrode under the influence of the oxidizer), and in case of absorbent surfaces.

  • Metal and other oxidation-sensitive surfaces at first have to be secured with the proper paint to prevent direct contact between the Oxidekor substance and the painted substract, what could damage them. Of course, the protective paint must dry well before applying the substance.
  • Absorbent surfaces must be primed first, and then covered with the Bucciato quartz primer. For those surfaces that do not require priming, quartz backing is applied without primer layer.
  • Prepared surface can be either covered using a trowel or a brush with an Oxidekor preparation and then immediately covered with the Oxidante oxidant, or you can mix those two products in the proportions indicated by the manufacturer and apply them immediately after mixing.
  • Without waiting until the previous layer is dry, you should use a second of additional preparations, Activator Oxido to sustain and align the processes of corrosion. After that allow the surface to dry (drying time will depend on the moisture content of the formulation and the air and it is usually from 6 to 8 hours).
  • To protect the rusty surface, apply Barniz protective lacquer with euromal or Lumicca incolor. In the case of objects and surfaces exposed to external factors, apply two coats of waterproofing Silomal.


There are a few ways to achieve the effect of rust. The most economical way is to apply the product with a trowel, but it works only with relatively large areas without the clear pattern. For more precise work, use a brush or spray, having in mind that, in case of people without the proper skill of using an atomizer, brush method proves to be faster and more precise. In the case of the difficult, complex projects, you should be preferably assisted by specialists who perfectly mastered the technique of obtaining the rust effect.

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